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Junior Kennel

Junior Kennel

Junior 6 weeks

Junior 6 weeks

Jr 13 month profile

Jr 13 month profile

Jr 13 Month head

Jr 13 Month head

October's Jumping Junior


Junior is one of six from our October 1st 2012 litter.  Like his dad, Sonny, and brother Chet he is the light grey and white husky and hence we nick named him Junior - the name stuck.  We are very picky for finding homes for our pups and Junior was up for placement, but that wasn't ment to be.  Lucky for us.  Junior, again is carrying on the sweet disposition of his family tree, and likes to hangout by your side.  Sage's eight grade social study project on the 1925 Serum Run required an interactive portion, which Junior filled - however just sitting there was not as interactive had she hoped.   He is very confident and smart, and the money is on him being our next alpha dog.  In his second year of running he demonstrated his leadeship skill and is now one of our regular leaders like his dad, ma, grandpa, great grandma, etc before him.  With all that going for him - he is also one of our pretty boy.

October's Cajun Sonny

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Tuktoyaktuk's of Naasuk SD

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