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Preparing for your winter dogsledding trip:



This is a winter sport, so you need to dress for your comfort level depending on temperature and other weather conditions.  You will be mainly in a non-active role (sitting or standing), so coldness can creep in.  Seated passengers will be inside a sled bag with blankets


Remember layers are your most important consideration to stay warm while dogsledding.  Start with good thermal underwear, then other thin layers close to the skin – consider a turtleneck as one of these layers. Bulkier layers should come next, like heavier shirts, fleece and sweaters, and finally an excellent shell.  You should avoid cotton next to the skin as cotton can become wet with perspiration and wick heat from your body. Add a layer for each drop of 10 degrees below your comfort level.  Three to four layers on top and two to three on the bottom should be adequate for most guests.


Footwear should start with a liner sock and a bulkier sock, then top quality winter boot – sneakers are not appropriate.  Gators or overshoes are excellent additions to keep snow out and add additional layering.  Most cold creeps in through the feet, so any additional insoles will help.


Don’t forget the accessories, liner gloves, mittens, neck gators, scarf, hats, headbands, hood, etc.  Don’t worry about your hair, the dogs don’t mind hat hair.


As a final effort to stay warm, heat packs for hands, feet and internal pockets are very helpful.  Also bring a thermos of warm drink.  Of course movement is the best way to stay warm, so I can have you run up the hills with the dogs and driver.

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