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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Do the dogs like doing this?

A:  The Siberian Huskies have been pulling sleds for over 10,000 years.  They live to do it.  Wait until you see the excitement in their voice when we hook up.


Q:  Are the Dogs friendly?

A:  Their moto is Love the One You're With.  We have been breeding dogs for 20 years - a good personality is the first trait we require.  Our dogs are very sweet and well behaved.


Q:  Are we going to drive the team?

A:  Our sleds are designed for two drivers, but the musher remains in full control.  These sleds give you the full experience of driving the team.


Q:  Can we bring treats for the dogs?  And coffee for the musher?

A:  Why yes!  Make sure it is a healthy treat for all 18 dogs. and the musher & handler like a medium roast fair trade coffee with cream.


Q:  Can bring our own dogs? Can we put our dog on the team?

A:  No.  Even though our dogs are friendly, your dog will not know what to do on the team and hanging around our dogs is a big distraction.


Q:  Are their restrooms or shelter?

A:  No.  The park facilities are not open, so plan ahead or be prepare to commune with nature.  We also do not have shelter.  See the page on what to wear and bring in the helpful information dropdown menu.  

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