Two Hour Dogsledding Experiences at Little River State Park



Check out these videos and see for yourself why October Siberians Sled Dog Adventures offers an experience that is unlike anything else you will experience in Vermont.


Many people have visited Vermont State Parks in the summer, but find they have a completely different feel to them in the winter. On this tour, located in the Mount Mansfield State Forest and along the Waterbury Reservoir, you will travel through the State Park campground and dogsled along ancient roads through a former homestead community last occupied 100 years ago.  You'll drive past many rock walls, old foundations, cemeteries, orchards and beautiful vistas.The Map below highlight the extensive trail net work available for your tour.


The trip is a 4-6 mile (1 hour, 30 minutes to 1 our 45 minutes on the sled) journey over typical Vermont hill terrain. You'll experience mild to steep climbs and the thrill of the downhill, but rest assured, the Musher maintains full control of the pace of the team and the speed of the sled through this stunning landscape.

A portion of the tour is spent within the campground loop system so you can take turns photographing each other driving the team, and also get the front photo of the dogs (not just the sled view). The campground loops also show how a well trained team and leaders can perform.

Rates and booking:


Start at $383 for two passengers; this rate includes Park entrance fee and 6% sales tax. Additional passenger rates are:


  •  Adults (13 & older) $175.60

  •  Children (3 to 12) $122.60

  •  Children under 3 Free


Split tours: For large groups the tours can be split to accommodate additional passengers.  Split tours consists of a pleasant & peaceful hike in or out of park of no more than 1 mile from the dog truck (starting point) to the Ranger check in station for part of the group; while the first and last group members on the dog sled will begin or end at the dog truck. Each group on the sled experience a 3 to 4 mile jaunt through the Park's campground area.  Rates for this tour. Start at $393 for two adult passengers. Each additional passenger is $112 per adult and $85.50 per child.  These rates include Park entry fees and State 6% sales tax

On-line bookings incurs a 6% booking fee.


Gratuities for our volunteer help is much appreciated


Rates shown are for a single sled. A single sled carries a maximum weight of approximately 400 lbs. total for all passengers (not including your tour guide). Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


Advance booking is required to reserve your tour or ride. We recommend you book early due the popularity of our tours and limited availability of time slots.


For the Little River State Park Tours and all other special engagements, contact October Siberians at 802-482-3460 or by email.


The 2014/15 season will be offering these tours on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Additional days available during the Holiday vacations.


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