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October Siberians Education Programs

We Will Share What we have Learned from

Working With a Sled Dog Team

The Canine Human relationship ranks as one of our longest inter-species partnerships, and is likely what has made us human.  Our Siberian Huskies also ranks as one of the oldest breeds, and the Eskimo tribes that depended on them acknowledges, they would not have survived without the dogs.  The avenues to explore in this relationship are endless and offers lessons to learn no matter your age.

October Siberians education programs offer the insight into how wolf became dog, what were the benefits to both species. how we have grown together, and how we communicate.  These programs are designed to satisfy school curriculum in science, math, history, culture, physical fitness, health and therapeutic values..  We offer single day programs from 2 hours or more,  multiple visit - building on the topics of dogs and people, outings and plenty of dog time.


Schools use our programs to compliment their studies of the Iditarod Race and Eskimo culture.  Museums and institutions have welcome us as part of their educational programs.  College and High School students have benefited from our internship programs.  And companies have utilize our services in their team building programs.

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School Visits

Team Building

Specialized Programs


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