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Internships and Mentoring




The October Siberians kennel is always looking for volunteer help throughout the year, where many students have completed school projects and internships with us.  Our training and sledding season starts in September and ends around the first of May.  This is an opportunity where the individuals receive much exposure to the sled dog world without the expense of a kennel of dogs.  Our goal is for the individuals to truly understand and experience what it means to own a kennel of dogs; so if they choose to pursue a life with dogs they do not go into it blindly. 


Intern responsibilities: Kennel cleaning, handling the dogs, feeding the dogs, preparing the dogs for running, helping out on runs and other dog care needs (emergencies, vaccinations, etc.).  Interns will have an opportunity to drive the team(s) with our carts on the neighborhood roads and in the winter on the tandem sleds or solo with a smaller team.   As a business the interns will need to help with the success of the operation which may include: working with customers, managing tour schedules, collecting paperwork and helping with the network marketing and social media needed these days.   Interns can design their program around many disciplines in this business including:  dog training styles and results, physiology (condition of working dogs, cardiovascular assessment, parasite control, nutritional needs, etc.), the sport of mushing, kennel management, dog breeds, the dog sledding outdoor guide business ( marketing strategy, business management, customer service, social networking, etc). 

Interns need to make a minimal commitment to 2 days per week for one entire season beginning around the middle of September and extending to the end of April.  Interns are encouraged to commit to more time as their desires motivate them.  Interns need to be dependable, honest, trustworthy, able to follow through on their commitments and able to complete tasks assigned.  Interns need to be comfortable working with animals and the public.  Interns must have a car capable of getting around in winter conditions.

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