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The October Siberians will be Happy to Visit Your School

October Siberians is a mobile kennel and will bring our educational, hands-on, sled dog program to your School.  


This two hour (minimum) presentation can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and typically includes: a Power Point presentation on the cultural history of the sport, the dogs, diversity of the dog power sport, running a kennel; meet  the Dogs, equipment display and/or demonstration of the equipment and team; and other hands on activities.  


This is a great way for schools following the Iditarod to bring it all to life.  We can also work with the schools to develop a year long curriculum on this topic.  Contact October Siberians for more information and pricing.


Adrienne Magida, Thatcher Brook School; 

Thank you SO  much for your presentation today.  The indoor part was fabulous and you had the kids right in the palm of your hand the whole time!  Your pictures were wonderful - I especially loved all the different kinds of dogs that can pull sleds.  I heard from everyone that the outside part was also fabulous and the kids loved it.  One of the teachers told me the kids were playing dog sled on the playground during recess today!!  Thanks again!

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