Meet the people who support the dogs


We are the crew of the October Siberians, a Vermont sled dog team and Siberian Husky kennel. We offer dog sled tours and rides through natural areas in central Vermont. We are a small family owned kennel of around 20 dogs (yes small for a sled dog kennel), that works cooperatively with other experienced sled dog kennel to provide a glimpse for our visitors into what this lifestyle entails.


You'll see for yourself why these dogs are happiest doing what they were bred to do. You will be amazed at their excitement, strength and willingness to pull you through the Vermont winter landscape. A sled dog ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will change your life forever.

Rob Farley, 
The Warden

Rob's first Siberian Husky arrived in October of 1994, as his roots began to grow in the soils of Vermont.  Those early dogs are now gone, but still influence us today, as we move forward with the fourth generation of the team.  


Rob's "tails of the trails" include, exploring trails from north to south in Vermont, racing, camping trips, tours and now working with his teenage daughter, Sage, as she learns the tricks of driving and training a dog team.  


October Siberians Sled Dog Adventures seeds were planted in 2005 as a way to share this sport with others and support this lifestyle with a hobby business.  Rob has always made outreach an important part of his life by sharing knowledge with others, and maintains a strong environmental ethic with his full time employment at the State of VT, Dept. of Environmental Conservation.  


Rob looks forward to spending time with you and sharing his dogs & an adventure.

Sugar arrived in our kennel in the Fall of 2009 and the gift Sage wanted for her 10th birthday - A Little House Dog.  After Sage researching breeds that would fit the criteria of our home and kennel, we agreed on a Norfolk Terrier.  We now question that research?  She is a very cute and sweet dog, but like our huskies has that independence streak with the attitude of a Terrier.

Sugar, however sweet the name sounds, the huskies have learned differently.  While some of the boys have fallen for that cute Red Head,  the girls have learn that caution is the best approach around her. Play time with the huskies is something she enjoys, but Sugar see her main roll as the Fun Police.  While she can boss around some of the huskies, scare others to stay away, Sugar has learn that her and the pack leader have an understanding.

A visit to our home and kennel will include a greeting from Sugar.

Musher's Wife

Elly and Rob began this journey back in 1990 when they met in October. Marriage came two years later in October, and two years after that moved into their home, in guess what month - October.  Elly is not the adventure type to drive a team, but loves the dogs


For a mushing kennel to be succesful the husband/wife team needs to support each other.  Elly is the enabler of this operation.  She is not completely innocent with the number of dogs.  As a 7 year old she had two dogs, while here sister had five Dachshunds.  She declared at that time about this injustice, "When I grow up I am going to have a whole bunch of dogs."  Careful what you wish for!  As our siberian litters are born, and when not enough good homes our found to place the pups - Elly is the first to say "well we can keep him/her too." 


Elly will be happy to take your calls, answer your questions and return your emails to help plan your adventure. 

Musher's Daughter

As, "The Musher's daughter", Sage's first word was 'doggie', so you know where this was heading.  


As her 10th birthday approached she did the work and research to demonstrate she was ready for her own dog.  Sugar, the Norfolk Terrier, became the house dog.  


Sage has been training and working with a dog sled teams since age 13. She has been an asset in working with the other volunteers and setting up and running a second smaller team or one larger team when the main Musher is not available. Sage will be joining us this winter helping out and running a small team with the other volunteers.

Sage is off at America University to study international affairs.  She will be around for the holidays to help run the team.