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An overview of our options for dogsledding in Vermont:

All of our trips are designed to be educational and interactive dogsledding experiences. In this way, we invite you to be a part of our team at your level of comfort. You may participate by helping to harness the dogs, treat & water them, drive the team (with assistance), or just by sitting back and enjoying the ride.  The tandem sled design offers you a chance to drive while the musher maintains full control of the sled and team. This will leave you with a true sense that you have run the dog sled team yourself.  A single sled can typically accommodate a family of 2 adults and one or two children under 12 years (about a 400 lb. limit).  Multiple teams are available on weekends and during the holidays for larger groups, but it is to your advantage to book far in advance as our dogsledding tour slots fill quickly!

Fall Training Tours on Wheels

at our Kennel in Hinesburg 


After an easy summer of laying around the kennel, the drop in night time tempatures signal the huskies that a new season is approaching.  Excitement builds as the carts are wheeled out and it time to get back into shape.  These tours are slow steady runs to build up strength and stamina; and to work on proper work ethics and behavior.  The tours begin late September, are limited in availability and temperature depended.

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Price: Starts at $300 for two passengers

Two Hour Dogsledding Tours

at Little River State Park 


Located in Waterbury, Vermont, Little River State Park is a natural gem of Central Vermont. This area is considered the "Recreational Crossroads" of the region and is central to Stowe, Sugarbush, and Bolton Valley. More Info

Price: Starts at $383 for two passengers

Smugglers Notch Tours

Just Pass Stowe Mt. Resort on Rt. 108, Stowe, VT


Wednesdays in 2020


The tour is for the adventurer at heart.  It is thrilling, technical and sure to get the adrenaline pumping 

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Price: Starts at $383 for two passengers:

Student and Hiatt
Dogsledding Programs and Team Building

Location - Mobile


Here at October Siberians, we can offer a variety of custom programs to meet your unique needs. Please contact us for more information or unique requests. Our options include:

  • School Visits

  • Corporate Teambuilding

  • Internships and Mentoring

  • Onsite visits and Special events

​More Info

Price: Varies (Dependent on length, location, etc.)

Kennel Visits and Dogs Play Time

Hinesburg Vermont


During the off season dogs still need to be looked after - daily feeding and cleaning up after.  This is a time to allow the social interaction to take place and pack dynamics to work themselves out through free play.  We learn allot about each dog, their personality and how they fit into the pack hierocracy, and from these observations it is easy to draw parallels to peoples behaviors  and interactions.  While the dogs may be tough with each other, they are always exuberantly friendly with us two legged people.  With a visit be prepared to be jumped on , kissed, bumped into and getting dirty.

​Information to reserve this visit

Location provided when visit is scheduled

Cost: by donation, suggested gift amount we like you to consider a bag of food cost

           us approximately $60

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