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Special Programs and Events


Here at October Siberians, we know that you may have a special idea or event request. We've worked with wide variety of groups throughout the years from colleges,  museums, winter events and business retreats. Check out some of places the October Siberians have been to and feel free to contact us if you are envisioning a dogsled program that you do not see described here.

Bring a Dog Team to your School or Program

October Siberians is a mobile kennel and will bring our educational, hands-on, sled dog program to your group.  


This two hour (minimum) presentation can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and typically includes: a Power Point presentation on the history of the sport, dogs, diversity of the dog power sport, running a kennel, meet a & greet the Dogs, display and/or demonstration of the equipment and team, and other hands on activities.  


This is a great way for schools following the Iditarod to bring it all to life.  We have also been invited for large group and bus tours programs.  Contact October Siberians for more information and pricing.






Mentoring & Internships

Every musher starts off by finding a sled dog kennel and begins to help out. We always appreciate having an extra hand around.


The Vermont High School Graduate Challenge and College intern programs have brought several students through our kennel.  With our mentoring program we look for a commitment in the fall to the end of the season - it truly takes a full season for someone to gain a deep understanding of what it means to own a sled dog kennel.


There are mostly chores to be done, handling the dogs to get ready to run, a the chance to drive the team with us and driving your own team. Success is measured by the individuals desire to pursue the sport (or thinking we are nuts to live this way).

"Team Building and What I Learned from My Dog Team  "

Team building is team building no mater the species.  The goal of the team is to work together and make forward progress.  The dynamics of the personalities and motivation of the individual is no different with a dog team, so how do we get them all to work together?  


The analogies between my dog team and the office environment is hard not to make.  This is an enlightened way to see how a pack of dogs act and how it is not all that different from how coworkers treat each other from the Alpha/boss to the Omega/worker.  As you plan a team building program, bring a dog pack into the efforts.  


Our program includes a Power Point presentation on the Pack dynamics and the working team, meet the team to see the personalities and dynamics, and if conditions are right see them all work together. Contact October Siberians for more information and pricing





Media Inquiries & Special Requests

We welcome media inquiries throughout the year and have information, photos and other materials available upon request.


For guests envisioning a special dogsled trip or large group program that they do not see described on our website, feel free to drop us a line! 

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