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October's Cajun Sonny


Sonny was born in the Spring of 2006 and is father to six pups here - Annalee, Mojo, Elvis, Junior, Chet and Griffin.  Sonny; as well as, Zappa and Emmylou, are the offspring of our best leader, Hiatt, and their mom is Dini. When Dini gave birth we thought she was finished at five puppies, and then Sage came home from school and pointed out number six - that is why he's named Sonny after Sonny Landreth, Sage's favorite musician. 


Sonny has an ear piercing howl that will rattle the eardrum if you happen to be next to him. Of course he knows to do this when you are bending down to pet him. Sonny has been one of our most reliable lead dogs and is teaching the next generation. 


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