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Dogsled Tours and Rides 

with October Siberians


This is not just a ride in a dog sled, but an interactive experience of driving the sled.  Our sleds are designed for two drivers with the Mushers maintaining full control while the second driver responds and adjusts for the sled to perform properly.  The second passenger gets to sit back and enjoy the ride in an enclosed sled bag with blanket.  


We have the ability and flexibility to provide technical thrilling downhill or a simple ride in the Park.  The sled can comfortably accommodate a family of four with two young children.


Our tours are located at Little River State Park in Waterbury, "The Recreation Cross Roads of Vermont", near Stowe, Sugarbush (Mad River Valley), Bolton, Burlington and Montpelier.  A tour with us will not only be an amazing time in the dog sled, but also a day visiting Vermont's favorite attractions.

We value yours and our health during this Covid Time.  While our dogs may not believe in social distancing, we have to do the best we can.  The State of VT guidelines are located at

Winter is slow to arrive.  We may have some snow, but it may not be enough.  If sledding not happening, cart tours may be available for the time slot.  Roads cannot be too icy.  Kennel tours our available when we are not running the dogs. 


It has been a tough year for us with losses in our canine family. Lexie sweetness and Chet's goofiness leave big holes in the kennel.  

Sugar was the matriarch, our daughter, Sage's house dog.  Sugar had an attitude much larger than her size.  The huskies knew her as the Warden. The alpha females and her had an understanding, while the other female huskies gave Sugar her space. Rainy was love struck for her and Sugar found Junior the most appealing.  Sugar leaves big footprints to fill. RIP

Three great reasons to dogsled with us:

Training and Breeding Sled Dogs Since 1994


Rob’s first sled dogs arrived in 1994 and his kennel is working with his fourth generation from Micro - first lead dog.  Rob  has proven experience on the trail in all conditions and technical driving abilities. He knows the tricks to keep your experience fun and safe.

It Is All About the Dogs
The Siberian Huskies are friendly, energetic, independent and honest hard working dogs.  They are always happy to meet new people, are great with children and have earned the reputation of Love the One You're With. They have that classic northern dog look that people associate with sled dogs.



Little River State Park


Is a gem of Central Vermont.  The beauty of the Waterbury reservoir, the campground roads and the hilly terrain provides diversity and takes you far enough into the back country to escape civilization. The loops in the campground allow us to show how a well trained dog team performs, and provides the opportunity for the clients to photograph each other on the sled. 

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