October's Zappa Lightin


Zappa is a litter mate to Sonny and Emmylou.  Zappa's eyes are one of his best features.  As a pup one eye lid was black while the other was flesh color - the light lid has darkened over the years.  As the son of our alpha dog, he became alpha when the time was right, but lacked the confidence of his dad.  This does not make him a vicious dog, quite the opposite, he is such a sweetie.  Being top dog is all about tone and visual cues with the appropriate level of physical action - Zappa tends to more vocal.  Zappa is also one of our leaders and works best up there when he is with his brother Sonny.  Zappa affectionate side is demonstrated by leaning into you like a sponge to soak up the love. We hope the musical theme is ovious to you with our favorite lyric from Frank Zappa is - Watch out where the Huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow.


October’s Wild Blue Hiatt

Four Winds Houdin

October’s Solar Sonia

Kodiak’s Action Jackson

Samoht’s Jack

Four Winds Wanbli

Kodiak’s Yannicka

Kodiak’s Utah

Komet’s Timber of Kodiak, SDX

Kodiak’s Quick As A Mouse

Kodiak’s Iroquois

Kodiak’s Willow

Alkasiber’s Mighty Micro

Kodiak’s Flyer II

Kodiak’s Yakima

Kodiak’s Frost II

Kodiak’s Faradela

Kodiak’s Nebraska II

Alaskan’s Pearl of Anadry

Komet’s Timber of Kodiak, SDX

Keewatin’s Mighty Mishka

Alkasiber’s Steely Dan, SDX

Kodiak’s Willow

Kodiak’s X Thundercloud

Alaskan’s Pearl of Anadry

Komet’s Timber of Kodiak, SDX

Kodiak’s Vitessa SD

Kodiak’s T Moki

Kodiak’s Aspen II

Komet’s Timber of Kodiak, SDX

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