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Koveda's Tennessee Plates

Tenny is our newest team member, arriving in early 2021 as a puppy. She comes from a friend and fellow breeder in VT, and she is a niece to our boy Lanois who sadly passed away very young last year. Lanois aka "Lenny" came from a kennel in Quebec, Canada along with Savannah and Maeva, moms to our previous two October litters - Amanda Poquette at Koveda Siberians brought in a sister of Lanois from that kennel, and we were very happy to bring one of her daughters in to keep the spirit of "Lenny" alive in our yard. With that connection, her pedigree also goes back to some of the same lines as our other dogs on her dad's side. Tenny is a firecracker of a pup, full of energy, and with a voice that never quits. She always wants to be involved in whatever is happening, and if she is not, she will let her opinion on the matter be heard 'round the dog yard. As a young puppy, Tenny was able to spend some relaxing and socializing time at the trailhead towards the end of last year's sledding season. She will be suiting up with a harness of her own this year to start her rookie season as a sled dog.

Northrunner Koveda Sting

Niikeenuk Dorothe

Monty Head Shot.jpg

Roo's Montoya Northrunner

Niikeenuk Chamagne

Niikeenuk Sherpa

Niikeenuk Mademoiselle

Niikeenuk Boussole

Niikeenuk Bodeau SDX

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Nuk Ninuik Tuk

Kodiak's Yukon Leroy

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NorthWapitti's Mr. Snuffleupagus

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Niikeenuk Pirelli

Niikeenuk Majeste

Niikeenuk Winter Festival

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Cheffins Liberty of Kodiak

Kodiak's Yukon Leroy

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Yanuukee Harlem

Nuk Tally

Kodiak's Winterhawk

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