Lara-ke's Feels Like Rain "Rainy" 


Rainy came to us from an Iditarod kennel in Alaska during the Summer of 2003.  This kennel was where our first puppy, Kona, came from.  When buying a dog from a distance, you are supposed to ask tons of questions, but after seeing his picture, a black and white bi-eyed like Kona, no further questions were asked.  Rainy has always been a reliable and sure leader; as well as, a great worker on the team.  He eventual gain the nickname Scare Face due to a couple of challenges to Hiatt.  They normally worked great together, but on a couple of occasionally something went on between them, and Rainy tended to end up getting the worst of it.  Rainiy is best know as Sugar Beau - the boy who loved the Norfolk Terrier (Sugar).  That is where the other dogs knew not to cross Rainy - it would be a fight to the death to defended her honor.  It was a rainy day when we picked him up, so the song by John Hiatt - Feels Like Rain - inspired his name.   Rainy let us in te Fall of 2015.  In his memonry our daughter - Sage - composed this tribute

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