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JJ relaxing

JJ relaxing

Jenny & JJ 2006

Jenny & JJ 2006

JJ In Action

JJ In Action

JJ puppy

JJ puppy

JJ stack.

JJ stack.

October's After Midnight JJ


JJ was born in the Spring of 2005.  Having always been partial to black and white huskies, he was the natural choice for us.  He is the son of the first male pup we bought, Arlo, who is son to a Hollywood star in Iron Will.  JJ is our spoiled Hollywood grandson and Pretty Boy.


JJ is full of energy and makes his presence know, with a voice that will not be ignored.  He can be a handful to get ready and connected to the team, but we've come to understand the method to his madness. His energy and excitement was hard to focus in his younger years, so he never made it up to lead dog.  He has always been a hard worker in the back of the team.  JJ will be happy to greet you and steal your attention away.

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