Four Wind's Houdini


Dini - short for Houdine - arrived in our kennel in 2005 as a three year old from friends that had moved to the Yukon TerritoryWe do not like to temp fate and huskies are known for being escape artist  caused us to shorten her name to Dini - she never even made an effor to escape.  Besides looking for another good dog, we want a breeding possibility for Hiatt.  Dini is a very sweet, easy going, hardworking dog and has produced three great dogs and six grandkids for the team. Dine is usually one of the first dogs hooked up, because she patiently waits for us to get ready.  I always wonder if she will jump into action when the Lets Go command is given – she has not let me down.  At age12 she is still working hard with the team.

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