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We have had many dogs come and go in our life and they all have left footprints in our hearts. Our, Matriarch, Sugar – Sage’s Norfolk Terrier, left us this weekend. Sage wanted a small house dog for her 10th birthday and with Sage helping in the kennel to demonstrate responsibility and research into dog breeds best for our lifestyle, a Norfolk Terrier was at the top of the list. Sugar helped Sage become the young lady she is, and Sugar must have felt her work here was completed with Sage starting her post college life overseas. Now we are left with two empty spots in our home.

As with all little dogs, she had an attitude much larger than her size. From the safety of the house or the end of the leash, she was sure to let any critter in the yard know they were not welcomed. Yet when the newt, toad or turtle crossed her path she would retreat in fear. Big dogs bring them on – little dog please protect me. The huskies knew her as the Warden – Sugar was ready to mix it up with any huskies that got to rowdy. The alpha females and her had an understanding, and the other female huskies gave Sugar her space. She had her fans among the males – Rainy was love struck for her, defending her honor while trying to have his way. Sugar found Junior the most appealing.

Sugar came from a reputable breeder in Cleveland Ohio and the first few years of her life we spent some time with other Norfolk People; at a couple of breed shows, where Sugar got her chance to hunt rats, and piss the guy off running the lure course by being the only dog to catch the lure by figuring out you can cut the corner. She had her chance in showbiz with the role of Toto in the School play, where she had her own ideas in finding the wicked witch nicer than Dorothy, and yes bit Dorothy when she felt she was being treated to much as a prop. I think her proudest moment was locking me out of the truck on a dog food run.

She was Sage’s baby and like Sage a spicy little red head. She let us males in the household know where her loyalty lies. If there is a title of a book that described her best, it would be War and Peace. She was happy to hang with me in the office, on walks, for drives and letting the huskies play but at any moment could turn if she felt her Ladies needed protection. She taught me forgiveness with her hot and cold and warm affection. We all loved you, Sugar. Your licking of our ears and biting at our ankles will be missed. Be nice to those Huskies waiting for us on the other side. RIP Sweet Sugar.

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