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October's Keb Mo

Keb is from our November 2019 litter out of Mojo and Savannah, along with his sister Evie who is also with us - they have siblings in ME, NH, and France. Keb is an energetic guy, and will put his whole self, body and soul, into saying "hello" when he meets you. He has a "particolor" spot in his right eye which gives him a unique expression.  Keb is learning to run with the team, and has also started learning the basics of Agility training. Agility came about from one of Keb's special skills - he is a talented (and determined) climber, and quickly found his way into the rafters of the kennel as a yearling. As such, his kennel has some special accommodations to keep him safe and happy, and hopefully far from teaching others any advanced escape tactics. His acrobatic talents have been put to good use on the Agility course which he loves and has taken to very well. He looks to be growing into an eager worker and an inheritor of his parents' talents.

Mojo 13 month profile.JPG

October's Mojo Boogie

20180622_163431 (3).jpg

Niikeenuk Sadhana

Monty Head Shot.jpg

Roo's Montoya Northrunner WD

Sonny Fall 07.jpg

October's Cajun Sonny

Niikeenuk Vivaldi

Niikeenuk Vicky

Four Wind Houdini

October's Wild Blue Hiatt

Kodiak’s Action Jackson

October's Solar Sonja

Samoht's Jack

Four Wind Wambli

Sergie's Zelda Jakovna

North Wapiti's Mr Snuffleupagus

Niikeenuk Winters Special Girl

Niikeenuk Pirelli

Cheffins Liberty of Kodiak

Kodiak's Yukon Leroy

North Wapiti's Ginger Grant

Meomar's Blunder

Sergie's Nymbis Merlinovna SD

CAN CH Sergie's Jakon Tukovitch

Nuk Tally

Kodiak's Winterhawk

Cheffins Liberty of Kodiak

Kodiak's Yukon Leroy

Kodiak's Italia 2nd

Kodiak's Flyer 2nd, SD

Kodiak's Willow, SD

Kodiak's X' Thundercloud, SD

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