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Chapin was born in April 2010, and as such is now one of the older ladies of the team. Despite her age, she is full of life and sweet as can be, with a unique voice and personality that are all her own. She is our only husky who rolls over for belly rubs, and she loves to be with people. As a puppy, Chapin was picked out by the family - including our Norfolk Terrier, Sugar. After one playtime Sugar was unsure, but with one more night to adjust, she made it known that Chapin was here to stay. Chapin was our first "agouti" Siberian, the mixed grey, black, and brown coloring that many people think of as being a wild-type look. She seems to have started a trend, since even though none of them are related to her, agouti huskies seem to be the norm in our kennel and breeding now! Although she sometimes has her own ideas about what route the team should take, Chapin is one of the most experienced leaders we have, and is still reliable in her golden years, always pulling her weight from the front or anywhere else on the team.

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